Win4Youth-Corporate Social Responsibility


Win4Youth – CSR Initiative

Win4Youth is a global sports initiative organised by Adecco to raise money for youth foundations while living Adecco's core values actively.
After running, cycling and triathlon from 2010 to 2014 the programme celebrates its 6th anniversary. In 2015 the project will concentrate on achieving the ambitious goal of 1,750,000 km by triathlon again.
All colleagues, associates and clients in more than 60 countries throughout the company are invited to organise their own triathlon events and to participate in locally organised and official events. For all the kilometres covered by colleagues, clients and associates, Adecco Group has committed money to selected youth projects in Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Colombia, Greece and the US.

Highlight event in September 2015

The Adecco Win4Youth 2015 team of 70 ambassadors will be trained to face a triathlon in Spain. It's a tough challenge, part of the ŠKODA Triathlon Series in Spain, the largest triathlon circuit in Palma de Mallorca with the third edition in 2015. And of course, our ambassadors have the full support of 32,000 colleagues in more than 60 countries that will also be swimming, cycling and running throughout the year to ensure we reach our goal.

Win4Youth 2015 Foundations

Eight foundations have been selected in Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Colombia, Greece and the US. The foundations for 2015 were even chosen by the countries, thanks to the global selection process that we introduced in 2014. Every country had the chance to hand in their favorite foundation. More than 40 foundations were put forward and 8 were chosen by the countries.
The Foundations will equally benefit from the funds raised by Win4Youth.
The Foundations each take a different approach to supporting young people of various ages. However, all foundations have a common purpose – they all help give young people a future in work and life.

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