The fastest growing jobs


The fastest growing jobs - Outlook Money, January 14, 2010

Cut back to a year ago, and every soothsayer said 2009 was going to be difficult.
"Can I expect a high joining salary?" "Will I get an increment?" were some common questions from our readers. "Not likely," we had said, even as the spectre of salary cuts and pink slips loomed large. However, this time around things certainly look positive and one can expect stable times ahead.

Post-recession, employers have learnt a few lessons which they will not unlearn very soon. "Cautious hiring will take place across industries because companies would not like to be overstaffed and would like to keep their middle-line trim," says Sunil Goel, director, GlobalHunt India [ Images ], an executive search firm.

Most of the companies have raised the performance benchmark. The downturn experience has taught them that it pays to focus on productivity. To sum it up, even as 2010 holds promise, it is not free from threats.  We tell you what could be some of the fastest growing careers in 2010, and how some of the key sectors are expected to perform.

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