Delay in upgrade of it is worsens the job scene - DNA Money - April 15, 2008

DNA Money
Priyanka Golikeri
Tuesday, April 15, 2008 02:31 IST
MUMBAI: India’s job market is facing a grim situation as far as employability of its
workforce is concerned. This is especially true in the case of blue-collar workers where
the appropriateness for the job hinges on upgradation of industrial training institutes or
The term ‘blue-collar’ refers to semi-skilled workers such as mechanics, fitters,
plumbers, etc, who are mainly taken on a temporary basis as temps.
“The total job market, as on date, consists of 496 million people. Of these, about 30
million are in the organised sector. Nearly 80% (or almost 24 million) of the workers in
the organized sector are blue-collar workers,” said Sudhakar Balakrishnan, chief
executive officer of human resource solutions firm Adecco India & Middle East.
By 2010, there will be 80 million (blue-collar) temps in both organised and unorganised
sectors, according to Rajesh AR, vice-president of Bangalore-based staffing firm,
TeamLease Services Pvt Ltd.