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Our Team

Vidya Sagar Gannamani
Chairman and Managing Director
Sundararajan Parthasarathy
Country Finance Officer
Anne Soumya
Director HR
Manu Saigal
Director - General Staffing
Anjali Vaishal
Managing Director – LHH
Surender Dinkar
Director - IT
Ramesh Alluri Reddy
Director - Managed Services & Professional Services
Aarthi Ganesh
Associate Director - IT Product, Engineering & RPO Lite
Debabrata Debnath
Associate Director – Outsourcing
Roshan Ramapuram
Head of Legal & Compliance
Cauvery Uthappa
Head of Marketing & Communications
Adarshanand Sudhakar
Head of Shared Services Centre

About Us

The world of work and employment is continually evolving, and the Adecco Group is one of the leading forces shaping that change. With our breadth and depth of expertise gained on the global stage, we’re able to deliver fully integrated workforce solutions that will support your organization’s development and growth strategy. So you’re not just ready for the future. You’re already there.

Our ecosystem of brands and solutions allows us to offer complete solutions that help solve the talent challenges faced by our clients and to support our candidates and associates throughout their careers. We are embracing the potential of digital, adding more value to existing solutions, expanding our market, and significantly improving efficiency. We see digitization as an opportunity to grow employment. By combining the best of the HR solutions industry with the best of the technology industry in a responsible way, we seek to become a more valuable service partner.

Our India office, headquartered in Bengaluru captures a unique job market, and each year helps over 120000 candidates across more than 55 cities and towns to find the perfect job.

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