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Hire Train Deploy

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Hire Train Deploy

A workforce solution that is tailored to your needs

Globally unemployment is a huge problem and yet employers complain they cannot find the necessary skills for their business needs. Lack of experience is one of the main barriers, and India is no exception. Employers are under pressure to keep up with the growing talent demand — but all too often, the available talent lacks the technical training or soft skills employers need now.

Our Hire Train Deploy program is a high-touch model that addresses skill shortages for our clients and helps people from all walks of life scale up and position themselves for success.

We develop tailor-made solutions to hire, train and deploy individuals – tackling youth unemployment and skills shortages, and empowering young people with the soft skills and technical know-how necessary to gain entry with leading businesses. Our Hire Train Deploy model aims to provide value to job aspirants, empowering young people with the skills and knowledge necessary to meet current demand. In the process, we empower our clients to calibrate their talent needs and organizational models to achieve their workforce management goals.


Faster resource identification and deployment


Availability of project-ready talent


Reduced hiring expenses


Cost-effective skilled talent


Low liability over nonperforming associates


Higher employee utilization


Long-term sustainability

Program Models

Graduate Hire Train Deploy solution: Skill set training for fresh graduates out of college

  • Generic skills in high volume
  • Identify the right resource pool
  • Theoretical training with practical experience

Regular Hire Train Deploy solution: General skill training for vanilla skills across the industry to improve employability

  • Repetitive Skills
  • Recurring in training in batches
  • On the Job Training with practical assignments

Custom Hire Train Deploy solution: Specific skill set training for small batches as per customer requirement

  • Niche & super niche skills
  • Headhunting
  • Training content analysis & certifications

We work hand in hand with businesses to provide tailored hire, train and deploy solutions, built on a deep understanding of their needs and challenges and a shared commitment to responsible business conduct. Our solutions have a proven track record of success in supporting client organizations and their employees through changes that require bias-free and fully inclusive hiring, talent management and development, and deployment. We continue to invest time and resources in the best technology to create the environments that deliver this seamlessly.