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Training And Skilling

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Training And Skilling

Reinvent your workforce and increase the employability and effectiveness of your talent.

The growth of your business and the performance of your company are closely linked to the way you train and recruit your employees. Our global reach and expertise give us unparalleled insight into the trends shaping the future of work and how companies are rethinking rebuilding and optimizing their skill development programs. With an ever-widening skill gap and intense battle for the right talent, redundancies and severance are becoming a huge challenge for employers to battle. We support our clients to make human capital their first competitive advantage. We work alongside you to increase the employability quotient, competency, and attractiveness of your talent ecosystem. Our ambition is to be the leading integrator of training and skilling to cater to your specific organizational requirements.

To stay relevant in a labour market that is constantly evolving and will continue to be disrupted by technology, workers must continuously develop their capabilities. Our value proposition for candidates, associates and clients goes beyond providing employment opportunities or consecutive assignments.

We provide training and career coaching and help solve skills shortages with our upskilling and re-skilling solutions which improve access to diverse candidates, including some of the most in-demand fields such as digital and IT skills. Our high specialization approach allows us to support our stakeholders through the entire delivery phases of training and skilling.

Investment in internal training can help tackle these issues, but companies often do not prioritize such initiatives owing to cost, time, unclear return on investment, and the risk that employees will leave. Employee training and skilling are easier said than done, but it should be done—for both new and old employees alike.

Here are some key benefits to your business, leading to better:

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Our key differentiators 

LEARNER CENTRIC: We focus on the learner’s experience, which must be personalized, inclusive, and employability-focused. 

INDUSTRY-SPECIFIC EXPERTISE: We leverage our talent market data (global/national/local) to identify and build the skills in demand.

EMPLOYABILITY: We focus on raising employability by providing the future-proof skills needed by the talent market. For us, training is a key enabler to reaching sustainable growth.

CO-CONSTRUCTION: We act as a trusted partner and co-design training solutions with clients and other stakeholders to ensure the best adequation with their specific needs and culture.

END-TO-END SOLUTIONS: We provide a « 1-stop solution », from needs assessment, assessment batteries for individuals, training design & delivery, to assessing the impact on business.

Build in-demand skills to reinforce employability and enlarge career opportunities

Enabled Adecco Training

Support organizations in building the skills they need to sustain their economic and social performance

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Contribute to reduce the skills gap and talent shortage,
lower the unemployment rate, enable career shift for satisfaction & growth...