Agriculture, Dairy, Chemicals & Pharma

The agro sector is considered as the backbone of the Indian economy with more than 70% of job in the economy based on agriculture and other allied sector such as dairy, chemicals and pharma.

The Indian pharmaceutical sector has seen the entry of many multinational companies that have penetrated the domestic market with an aim to market drugs and conduct clinical trials. Additionally many start-up pharmaceutical companies have entered the market offering competitive services and healthcare solutions to the masses. This has also fuelled the growth of the speciality chemicals sector in India which is witnessing a surge in demand due to the tremendous growth of exports in bulk drugs, pesticides, dyes and other intermediates.

These circumstances have unleashed a variety of exciting, new career opportunities in the pharma and chemicals sector.

Some of the key challenges in this sector range from recruitment to retention of qualified talent and at Adecco we ensure that with the aid of our extensive network and modern streamlined consultancy approach, we provide our clients with the most suitable candidates.